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The Philippines has several active horticulture societies that hold regular plant shows throughout the year. These include the Philippine Orchid Society, Philippine Horticultural Society, Philippine Bonsai Society, and Los Baños Orchid Society, to mention a few. This website documents these societies’ events and winners.

My latest posts are about the 2009 Annual Show of the Los Baños Orchid Society held on April 23 to May 3, 2009.

I have covered the following events:
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Norby Bautista


I stumbled upon your blog site on pinoy horticulture, and was surprised to see the compilation of horticultural events. Nice work. Hope it can be linked to other websites so that others may know.


Ricky J.

Hi! I visited your website because my 7-year old son wants me to talk him to a “plant school” where he can learn all about plants. He is really interested in the science of botany. Would you know of any places where he can attend classes on Saturdays to learn more about plants? If not, do you have a schedule of garden shows that will be held between now and the end of the year?

Many thanks!


Hi, thank you for visiting my website. Unfortunately, most of the plant classes I know (like lectures on bonsai, tray landscaping, flower arrangement, etc) are not suitable for seven-year olds and are geared towards adults.

I think formal plant classes are too early for your child. Instead, why not tour him around the nursery outlets in Metro Manila on weekends (ex, the Manila Seedling Bank at EDSA corner Quezon Avenue). There, he can see a lot of plants and the friendly staff are more than willling to answer his questions about plants. Also, ask the staff about seeds to sprout or small plants that he himself can easily take care of at home. Tell them to teach him how to nurture the plant (example, where to put the plant, watering, etc).

If you have a computer at home, guide him to the Internet where there are educational sites for children about botany and plants. Do a google search on the subject.

There is a garden show to be held on October 10 to 19 at the Los Baños Campus of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna, about two hours away from Metro Manila.

Good luck. I am so happy to know that a child so young could already be so interested in plants.



Your website is very informative. Congratulations!

Anyway, would you happen to have a list of the locations of bonsai gardens in metro manila and nearby provinces?

Thank you very much!



You're welcome, Dan.

I know of a lot of bonsai gardens in Metro Manila and elsewhere in Luzon. Unfortunately, these gardens are not open to the public, usually because of security reasons. You have to be invited by the owners of these gardens to see their collections.

The only bonsai garden that is open to the public is the bonsai garden of Mr. Modesto Manglicmot in the campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. To get there, just ask the guard at the gate of the UP Diliman campus for instructions on how to go to Mr. Manglicmot's bonsai garden.

There are limited bonsai collections (usually for sale) at nursery outlets in the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation in EDSA corner Quezon Avenue.

Why not join a bonsai club (such as the Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc.) so that you can get to see the collection of their members?


Hi, good to find information on Philippine horticulture. From the UK we find some new plant species that are wonderful to grow in the garden and not require a green-house! We are at Leisure farms Lemery which is cooler at 300 ft above sea level and does restrict our choice of plants.....but carrots are okay! At the Los Banos show we met a "Palm" specialist with a nursery in Tagaytay but have lost the address. If anyone does know the address we'd be grateful. We will visit your exhibition in Manila next year. Thankyou.
Peter Clark


Thanks for your visit, Peter. If you know the name of the palm specialist you met in Los Baños (or the business name), I might be able to give you his/her address.

Yes, don't miss the big event, Flora Filipina Expo 2009 on February 6 to 16 at Quezon City, Metro Manila.


Hi inquire ko lang po kung saan po meron school dito sa metro manila/ quezon city na may training sa pagtatanim?

Salamat po,


Salamat sa pagdalaw mo, Jason.

De La Salle Araneta University (formerly Gregorio Araneta University Foundation) offers a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree course in crop science. It is located in Malabon.


Hi! I would like to know where I can buy african violet plants and supplies. I chanced upon a vendor at the Lung Center Sunday market selling them and bought all 4 varieties she had available. That was last week. This week I went back to get some more, hoping she would have more varieties and colors. I was disappointed as she only had the same 4. I searched the net for suppliers and more info but found most of the sites were American and of course their climate is very different from ours and the special supplies like pots and fertilizers are not available here. I wonder, is there an african violet society here in the Phils or even just an informal group who is into african violets?


King Louis Plants and Flowers, Purificacion Orchids and other suppliers located at Manila Seedling Bank Foundation are great sources of african violets.

There is no formal organization of african violet enthusiasts in the Philippines. However, I know of a group of Pilipino african violet growers in Yahoo. Go to Yahoo Groups and search for the group.


Salamat po. Mag-iinquire po ako jan.

How about mga nagcoconduct po ng seminar sa pagtatanim?



Jason, there are no regular seminars related to planting or agriculture. Garden shows by horticultural organizations or trade fairs (like Agri/Aqua or PIFFGEX) may offer short lectures on agriculture-related topics.


Hi, I love your site and hope that you continue to update this with events on horticulture in the Philippines. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Salamat po ulit


Hello Pinoy Horticulture,
I recently visited your website and was inspired by your exhibitions and shows.
I’m very interested to know more about Horticulture and I wish to attend your future exhibitions. It would be fine if you can send us your calendar of activities
How about for the month of April, do you have any activities?
Thanks and regards,
Butch B.


Thanks for visiting my site, Butch. There are no fixed dates for horticulture shows. The only event that has a definite date as of now is the Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Expo to be held on July 16 to 19, 2009 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. I will inform you in my website of upcoming events as their schedule is finalized.


Your website is very informative, and I was happy to stumbled on it..

Just want to ask where can i buy bonsai materials and tools except form MSB. Are there specialty shops in manila and laguna?

Oh are there any bonsai exibit coming up..

Thanks and goodluck..


There used to be an informal bonsai market at Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City on Saturdays, but I'm not sure if it is still being held there.

The Philippine Bonsai Society holds a yearly bonsai exhibit and competition, but its schedule isn't definite yet.


I got information about all the horticultural events that are held at you city after reading your blog post. Thanks for actively posting all the information about horticultural events that are taking place.


Congratulations! This is such a great record of the horticultural events. Thank you so much.


hi just want to ask..when and where is the nest schedule of show of the philippine bonsai sosiety? or other related show if you have an schedule..



hi..just want to ask..where can i buy a insect ticide for chili..because i have an ornamental chili..but some insect is eating the leaves of my chili and all the leave is gone..can you help me about this


Thanks for visiting my site, Godspeed. I don't know the next exhibit of the Philippine Bonsai Society. The Los Baños Orchid Society will hold a garden show on April 24 to May 3, 2009. The 2009 Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Expo will be held on July 16 to 19, 2009.

Chemical insecticides are available at any plant store or nursery. However, the best way to control insects is by natural means, that is, hand-picking the offending insects and applying a decoction of neem tree leaves or a solution of mild detergent.


hi and hello

thank you for the information..maganda talala ang site nyo..your the best..just want to ask where is the venue of the LOS BANOS ORCHID SOCIETY AND THE PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL FLORA AND FAUNA GARDEN EXPO?



The Los Baños garden show is held inside the campus of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna, usually at the Seniors' Social Garden. Just ask for directions at the entrance gate of the university.
The 2009 Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Expo will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.
The Philippine Orchid Society will hold its Mid-Year Show at the Quezon City Hall grounds on August 27 to September 7, 2009.



Sir may alam kayo book na mga list ng plants na native sa philippines?

May alam din kayo mga indoor plants na native dito sa atin...Yung pwede ilagay sa kwarto.

Kasi may nabili ako sa amazon about sa "Plants the Cleans the Air" Eh kaso yung mga list doon eh hindi native sa atin.

Pati po kung saan bookstore/publishing mabibili. Wala ako makita sa national, powerbooks about sa philippine plants...

Salamat po


"A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants" by Dr. Domingo Madulid (published in 1995), "A Guide to Families of Common Flowering Plants in the Philippines" by Irma Remo Castro (published in 2007) and "Philippine Ornamental Plants" by Mona Lisa Steiner (published in 1960) are excellent resource material on Philippine native plants.

These books may be out of print, so try to find them at second-hand bookstores, ebay or any online book sellers.


Salut !

I want to know if there are seminars about horticulture and where and if I will be allowed to be a part of it?

Adore your site.


Also, can I join the Philippine Horticultural Society?

Thank you. =)


gud pm po

just want to ask..the proper way and step by step of using FIST EMULSION AND COMPLEAT FERTILIZER


My cousin recommended your site and appreciate the compilations in it.

Moreso, I am interested in finding out more about the "lemoncito" that relatives call the plant. My search in google, wiki and yahoo, all resulted in "calamansi" or "calamonding" and another result that said "limequat." My cousin says it's not "limequat" as the limequat has a bit bigger fruit.

The lemoncito fruit I am referring to is about an inch diameter only and have orange and red fruits and I presume the change in color is by age. (I have some of the fruit in my fridge.)

The fruits that I squeezed open had one seed only while the fluid that flowed from it is a bit sticky.

My aunt used the fruit then for food flavoring; a bit similar to the dayap usage.

I have pix of the 7 ft tree and of the fruits and noted the acceptable html tags but I doubt if I'll be allowed to post pictures.

I am very interested really in finding more about the "lemoncito" plant. BPI of DA website is not that accessible - busy often.



good day! your shots are very nice! i'm interested to join pinoy horticulture, any qualification? how can i join? thanks much!



bka po pede magsurscribe sa inyo...pra makareceive me ng mga emails regarding mga events n seminars??? kasi laging tapos na pag nabalitaan ko


sana my way para manotify ang tulad ko interestd s plants n related matters gya ng dish garden and flower arranging seminars...kasi pg my event sa manila seedling laging tapos na pg nalalaman ko eh...thanks po!



I am into dish gardening and call my collection Flora Arte`. It started as a hobby but more people are now being interested to it and I'm positioning it as gift items. I'd be happy to join an active club for plant enthusiasts like me. Thanks for this website. One day, I'd like to see myself as an exhibitor in these great shows. Hope you can be of help. - Myra Sarmenta


kumusta po?!
Gud Day!!!
ask ko lng po kung meron ulit mga event bout bonsai or other horticulture shows...if ever po wat months po ba ngkakaron ng mga show???kasi hindi fixed ang dates ng events so malamang months mejo fixed pra lang mkpagchek pag mlapit na...mdlas kasi tpos na ung event bo ko mbasa...which is sad...huhuhuhuh

Sui Orchids

hi, i would like to inquire how can i contact Malvarosa Orchids? I am from Iloilo City and currently establishing an orchid nursery and importing phalaenopsis from taiwan and strap leaf vandas/cattleyas from thailand. I am interested to buy seedlings and blooming size cattleyas from Malvarosa Orchids...

Here's my contact nos. 09287631398/09324461895

Michelle Evangelista

I'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing and I would like to ask if you know someone who could have a 1-hour-talk on basic gardening for a segment on our upcoming college week (Nov.17-21). It is the college's advocacy to promote nature and we are hoping that through this simple act we could encourage the studens to plant trees ( and others as well) and develop a hobby for it.

Thanks! - Michelle Evangelista